City survey: Restaurant workers like the work, schedules and flexibility our industry offers

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Yesterday, the city of Seattle released its results of the worker scheduling practices survey. You can read the full results here.

The city survey reinforces what the Seattle Restaurant Alliance’s survey data shows and what employers have been hearing from employees. The significant majority of Seattle restaurant workers is highly satisfied with the work, schedules and the flexibility our industry offers.

We have select changes to make in some areas to enhance the lives of our employees and we’ll work to resolve those.

We appreciate that the city took time to collect information about what is happening in Seattle regarding scheduling.

The Seattle Restaurant Alliance’s study found three in four employees don’t want the government to legislate changes. In both studies, employees said they believe they can collaboratively work out their scheduling issues with their managers.

The city’s survey results emphasize that there is no easy solution to scheduling shift workers. This is an extremely complex issue. We have been and will continue working with city council, city staff and labor advocates to improve policies to best benefit employers and employees.

The Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce shares our opinions. Read them here.

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