Our latest seasonal paid parking rate adjustments will take effect in business districts around the city on Oct. 23. This third adjustment in 2023 continues our process to use the latest parking data to help ensure enough parking spaces are available. We collected data in August to develop this set of adjustments. There are about 30 paid parking areas in Seattle, each with morning, mid-day and evening rates that are set and adjusted based on recent data.

Parking activity has generally been increasing over the summer and early fall in many paid areas, though some have seen lower parking activity. Many areas have returned to pre-pandemic parking rates based on this demand. Twenty-six total locations and times will see $0.50/hour rate changes (out of 88 possible), with 19 getting rate increases and seven getting rate decreases.

 With this rate adjustment, 70% of the 88 combined areas and times of day will not change. We adjust street parking rates with the goal that one to two spaces are generally open on each block throughout the day to provide reliable access at the curb for people to park and visit businesses in the area. This rate change is consistent with the Seattle Municipal Code that we’ve followed to adjust rates since 2011.