Washington Hospitality Association

The Washington Hospitality Association is our parent organization. It is a member-driven institution focused on helping restaurants and hotels succeed and is the leading business association representing the state’s hospitality industry.

You do not have to be a member of the Washington Hospitality Association to participate in the Seattle Restaurant Alliance. However, we encourage you to reach out to both organizations for more information.

More about the Washington Hospitality Association

MissionWe Deliver Wins for the Hospitality Industry.

Vision: Produce the Pre-Eminent Hospitality Climate in the World.

Solutions and training

The Education Foundation provides Washington state’s hospitality community with educational, training and career development opportunities. The programs focus on food safety, alcohol server training and professional development. They also play an integral role in supporting the future of skilled employees for the industry.

Its vocational culinary arts program, ProStart, is supported in more than 50 high schools throughout Washington state. For more information, visit the website: Training and Education.

Industry news, information and resources

The information and resources available through the Washington Hospitality Association is vast. It publishes a monthly news magazine, The Front Burner provides online daily industry news, weekly emails and its Handbook for Excellent Restaurant Operations is regarded highly among restaurateurs. It also manages a network of consultants that are the industry’s best in class.

Cost-saving programs

Restaurateurs work on tight profit margins and any assistance helping their bottom line is welcome. The Washington Hospitality Association has developed a rigorous process to find reputable companies, leverage your numbers to negotiate pricing on your behalf. They offer a host of business assistance programs, such as a workers’ compensation program, health insurance and other money-saving resources.


For more information, please contact Steven Sweeney at stevens@wahospitality.org.