New parking rates in Seattle go into effect March 18. Here’s the latest information we received from the Seattle Department of Transportation:

“On Monday, March 18, new street parking rates will take effect in Seattle. We determine street parking rates based on data we collect and analyze from each paid parking area in the city. We compare this real-world data with our performance metric targets for parking occupancy.

Our goal is to have 1 to 2 parking spaces available on each block at any given time. This translates to a parking occupancy rate of 70% to 85%. Occupancy above 85% signals high demand for parking, and a rate increase can help make more spaces available. Occupancy below 70% indicates lower demand, allowing for decreased rates.

This parking rate update is consistent with the Seattle Municipal Code requirements and guidance that have informed our rate adjustments since 2011.”

Visit the link here to see the new parking rates.