We have been hearing the increasing concerns from members about employee and customer safety in their businesses. The SRA welcomed Barb Biondo, Crime Prevention Coordinator, and Chris Inaba, Community Service Officer Program Supervisor, at the October member meeting to give a presentation on the resources available to help members increase safety at their restaurants.

Their presentation and list of resources provide the quickest snapshot for you, but here are a couple highlights:

  • Crime Prevention Coordinators can provide trainings on personal safety, workplace safety, and de-escalation, among others.
  • Each Seattle Police Department Precinct has a Crime Prevention Coordinator
  • If you are experiencing an emergent issue/crisis, calling 911 is your best entry point for assistance

Crime Prevention Coordinators also support the community by helping neighborhoods ramp up their Block Watch.

Members were also joined by Lora Radford, Executive Director of West Seattle Junction Association, who has implemented a watch program and encourages businesses to start their own. The best way to build your block watch is to start with your neighboring businesses and peers and find an efficient way to share information.

If you connect your growing watch group with your precinct’s Crime Prevention Coordinator and local police officers, they could provide you with other services or agencies that may be available in your area.

You can find the Seattle Police Department Crime Prevention website here, and the Community Service Officer and other Community Policing information here.