The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) released its proposal for new outdoor dining permits to accommodate successes of the “Safe Start” program, created to assist restaurants during COVID-19. This proposal will lower the fees from pre-pandemic levels to allow for more accessible and equitable access to the program. The fee proposals are $1,220 for first time issuance and $588 for renewal. (This is substantially less than the pre-pandemic base rate of $3,176.)

SDOT is sharing this draft plan to get feedback from you. SDOT also wants to raise awareness about their plans as they work towards the final version of this proposal. SDOT plans to submit its final proposal to the City Council this summer. If you have any feedback, questions or want to learn more, please email You can also view the July 19 presentation slides to the City Council.

More information and frequently asked questions can be found on SDOT Blog.

Please reach out to  if you have questions or comments.


Photo: Outdoor dining and coffee-sipping space in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. Photo credit: SDOT