Today, the Seattle City Council unanimously passed (7-0) CB 120379 a 15% delivery commission cap on third-party delivery. CB 120379 makes permanent the 15% cap on delivery that was originally adopted as part of Seattle’s Civil Emergency Order in 2020. In addition to the cap, the legislation gives flexibility to restaurants to opt out of the cap if they want to receive additional services such as marketing. Many thanks to the co-sponsors Councilmembers Alex Pedersen and Dan Strauss and their staff for their leadership and hard work in this effort.

“As everyone knows restaurants were the hardest hit throughout the pandemic, today’s vote making the 15% commission cap permanent ensures the best customer experience by keeping delivery a viable option as restaurants navigate post-pandemic challenges and gives restaurants much-needed assistance and predictability without additional financial hardship as they seek to recover and thrive,” said Steve Hooper, president of the Seattle Restaurant Alliance.

The legislation is expected to be signed by Mayor Bruce Harrell in the next 10 calendar days. It would go into effect on the later date of the termination of the civil emergency proclaimed on March 3, 2020, or 30 days after the mayor approves the legislation (between Sept. 1 and Sept. 11). Mayor Bruce Harrell signed the third-party delivery commission cap bill on Aug. 3. The legislation takes effect on Sept. 2.