The 15% third party delivery fee cap was unanimously passed (3-0) out of committee Wednesday, July 27 with two amendments. CB 120379, makes permanent the 15% cap on fees that was originally adopted as part of Seattle’s Civil Emergency Order in 2020. In addition to caping the delivery fee, the legislation gives flexibility to restaurants to opt out of the cap if they want to receive additional services such as marketing.

You can read statements from the co-sponsors, Councilmembers Pedersen and Strauss, here.

Amendment 1, from Councilmembers Strauss and Pedersen, makes it clear that the fee limitation applies to any delivery in Seattle.

Additionally, it makes a technical drafting correction to remove language prohibiting food delivery platforms from “refusing service” to restaurants that choose the 15% service option for delivery services, as this is a manner of penalization.

Amendment 2, from  Councilmember Herbold, prohibits a food delivery platform from restricting the prices that a restaurant may charge for food and beverages on the food delivery platform, allowing restaurants to determine the price of online orders.

This legislation will go to full council for a vote on Tuesday, Aug. 2.