Many thanks to Lottie’s Lounge for hosting the Seattle Restaurant Alliance January meeting.

We were happy to be joined by Logan Dozier from the Washington Hospitality Association, who shared about cyber security insurance available through the Association.

Here are a few resources and highlights from the presentation:

  • Phishing and cyber attacks are becoming more frequent and now targeting small businesses. Because of the increase of such threats, cyber insurance is becoming harder to get.
  • With this service available through the Washington Hospitality Association, members will get multiple benefits to help protect themselves from cyber security risks.
  • To apply for cyber insurance through the Washington Hospitality Association visit the link here. For questions about the service, contact Logan Dozier at

We had an informative presentation from Tara Peters and Lily Sadataki for Commute Seattle on the ORCA programs business can offer to their employees.

Here are a few resources and highlights from the presentation:

  • Businesses can offer ORCA Passport or ORCA Choice as a benefit for employees which allow them to travel for free through many transit agencies in the Puget Sound region, including King County Metro, Sound Transit, Pierce Transit and more.
  • Prices range from $213-$315 per year per employee of which the employer must cover at least 50%. First time customers with fewer than 100 employees are eligible for 50% off this price for their first year.
  • This program can be a helpful way to comply with Seattle’s Commuter Benefits Ordinance which mandates companies with more than 20 employees must offer the ability to pay for their transit.
  • If you have any questions or would like access take advantage of this program, visit the link here to schedule a meeting or contact Tara Peters at and Lily Sadataki at

Austin Miller and John Lane also gave government affairs updates.

Here are a few highlights from the conversation:

  • Locally in King County, there are several different minimum wage increases taking shape. While there are no proposed increases in Seattle, we anticipate the effects could spill over to the city.
  • With the legislative session beginning Jan. 8, the State Government Affairs team is working hard to advocate for hospitality interests in Olympia. Seattle restaurant owners and operators can sign up for Hill Climb, scheduled for Jan. 29, and meetings with their lawmakers, scheduled Jan. 29 to Feb. 2, using the link here. All events will be virtual.
  • The Federal Trade Commission has proposed a rule that would only allow restaurants to present guests with one price up front, which could significantly impact your business model. Visit here to read more about the impacts, and give your opinion to the FTC here.

Next SRA Meeting:

The next meeting will be Feb. 7 (Location TBD).