Many thanks to Aerlume Seattle for hosting The Seattle Restaurant Alliance in-person monthly meeting in January.  

We had a lively conversation about break compliance hosted by members and lawyer Catherine Morisset.  

Here are a few resources and highlights from the presentation: 

  • It is recommended to have a written break policy that is reviewed by a lawyer and easily accessible to employees.
  • Meal waiver forms should be reviewed by a lawyer to ensure they are compliant with labor standards. 
  • There are now many ways to track both paid and unpaid breaks utilizing POS systems. Make sure to explore ways to automate tracking breaks to make record keeping more efficient and less error prone. 
  • Make sure that your management team is regularly trained/refreshed on break laws and company policies to ensure that your team enforces legal compliance. 

    Your state government affairs team did a presentation on what to expect for the 2023 Legislative session and what the association will be working on. These include exciting bills regarding alcohol to-go and there will be many opportunities to engage with your representative in Olympia during our virtual Hill Climb week. Here is a link to register and learn more about how to make a positive impact on our industry.  

    Next Meeting: 

    The next meeting will be on February 1 at 10 a.m. Location TBD