Today, Governor Inslee announced restaurant workers will be eligible for the vaccine starting March 31st.

The Seattle Restaurant Alliance has been advocating for vaccine access for restaurant workers since the vaccine discussion first started months ago

. Earlier this month, Governor Inslee announced vaccine distribution for some ‘essential workers’ beginning March 17th, but excluded restaurant workers.

We established an online petition to get restaurant workers vaccines following this announcement. On Monday, we sent our petition to the Governor with over 3,500 signatures from restaurant workers, hospitality workers, and supporters. Your efforts garnered widespread media attention and the petition has continued to gather support with over 4,300 signatures today.

Following the Governor’s announcement, we issued the following statement:

“The Seattle Restaurant Alliance celebrates today’s news that restaurant workers will soon be able to get the vaccine. While we believe restaurant workers should be eligible now with other ‘essential workers,’ a date certain within the next two weeks is a critical win. Additionally, the diversity of the restaurant community will enhance equity in distribution of the vaccine. We have been working with the Washington Hospitality Association on this issue for months, and we want to thank the thousands of people who signed our petition in support of this effort. Together, we made a difference, and restaurant workers will now be able to get the vaccine at the end of this month.

“A huge thank you to the thousands of restaurant workers who have been on the front lines of the pandemic, upholding some of the strictest safety standards in the nation while keeping this city fed and safe.”

— Linda Di Lello Morton, restauranteur with Terra Plata and President of Seattle Restaurant Alliance

Thank you to everyone for all your support in getting our industry eligible for vaccinations. Get ready to get your shot! More information will be forthcoming in the days ahead about where and how to get registered. In the meantime, save this website to your bookmarks for March 31st:

Phase 3 Opening Guidance

Phase 3 Opening at 50% capacity begins March 22. Find phase 3 guidance here.